Inmarsat (GMDSS)

Professional satelite communication

JUE-87 Inmarsat C

GMDSS Inmarsat C all-in-one messaging unit with integrated terminal.


JUE-95SA Inmarsat C

Mini C SSAS Transceiver


JUE-95VM Inmarsat C mini C VMS



JUE-95LT Inmarsat mini C LRIT

Inmarsat mini C LRIT


JUE-95LT-RU Inmarsat mini C LRIT

Inmarsat mini C LRIT for Russian flag vessels


Cobham Sailor 6110 Mini-C GMDSS

The Sailor 6110 Mini-C is a true next generation GMDSS solution.


Cobham Sailor 6120 Mini-C SSAS System

New generation Inmarsat Mini-C SSAS Solution 


Cobham Sailor 6130 Mini-C LRIT

The premier stand-alone LRIT solution. 


Cobham Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel for Inmarsat-C

The Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel is dedicated to the Inmarsat C.


Cobham Sailor 6103 Multi Alarm Panel

Sailor 6301 Alarm Panel for VHF DSC, MF/HF and Inmarsat-C


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