Voyage data recorder

Voyage Data recorder (VDR)

The new VDR performance standard MSC.333(90) has had a major impact on the event recording requirements. Prior to the new VDR regulations coming into force, a minimum of 12 hours of recording was mandatory in either a fixed or float free capsule installed onboard the vessel. After 1. July 2014, both a fixed and a float free capsule are required to be installed and data must be recorded for a mimumum of 48 hrs in both capsules with an additional 30 days/720 hours stored within the VDR. 

Further challenges set by IMO are that both X-band and S-band radar, ECDIS display image and AIS data must be recorded, as wll as an improvement of audio recording with separated tracks. If installed, an inclinometer to measure vessel's motion and/or electronic logbooks must be recorded.


JRC Voyage Data Recorder


JCY-1950 S-VDR - Float free capsule

JRC Voyage Data Recorder - S-VDR


Danelec DM100 VDR G2

Danelec DM100 VDR G2 - next generation VDR


Danelec DM100 S-VDR G2

Danelec DM100 S-VDR G2 - next generation S-VDR


Danelec DM100 L-VDR G2

Light Voyage Data Recorder

Danelec DM-100

Danelec DM-100 VDR


Danelec DM-100 S-VDR

Danelec DM100 S-VDR


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