Cobham Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel for Inmarsat-C

The Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel is dedicated to the Inmarsat C.


Cobham Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel for Inmarsat-C

Easy operation and high reliability. 


Included in the system:

  • DC Power cable, 4 pin
  • U-bracket
  • Flush Mounting kit
  • User manual

The Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel is dedicated to Inmarsat C. It has one distress button for sending distress alerts over the Inmarsat C satellite network. The display shows distress alert transmission in progress and distress alerts received on the Inmarsat C network.

Through the Ethernet connector you can interface to two Inmarsat C systems.

Sailor 6101 6103 specs

Sailor 6101 6103 specs2 


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