Cobham Sailor 6120 Mini-C SSAS System

New generation Inmarsat Mini-C SSAS Solution 


Cobham Sailor 6120 Mini-C SSAS System

The mini-C system features true triple functionality as it safely handles all GMDSS, SSAS and LRIT operation on board.


Included in the system:

  • Sailor 3027 SSAS Terminal
  • Sailor 6194 Terminal Control Unit
  • 30 M NMEA2K Mini device cable 
  • SSAS button kit
  • User - Installation Guide


SSAS Regulation
The SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS fully meets and exceeds the requirements listed in IMO MSC. 136(76) and MSC. 144(77) under SOLAS resolution XI-2/6. This stipulates that all vessels over 500 GT are required to be fitted with a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) to be used under pirate attacks to notify the flag state administration. Alarms are silent, meaning that there is no audio or visual indication on the vessel that an alarm has been activated.

SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS Features
The multiple address functionality enables additional messages to be sent directly to, e.g. the vessel owner, operator or crew family, in addition to the required flag state and ship owner message in relation to the ISPS code. It is possible to have 6 seperate entries with up to 128 characters. Re-configuration can be done remotely or by a SAILOR technician, and has been made simpler, requiring no crew interaction. New configurations may be required when changing flag, where the SSAS alert address stored in the terminal needs tobe updated. The Thrane 6194 Terminal Control Unit (TCU), is the key connection point to the system and brings new functionality to ease operation. The TCU has a range of LEDs that allow operators to quickly determine Inmarsat, GPS and program status. They are all usefull features if the SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS is also used as Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) carrier. The TCU allows for up to 6 SSAS buttons to be connected and monitored seperatly.


Sailor 6120specs


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