Remote Maintenance System

Monitoring your vessel for service requirements within millions of square miles

Remote Maintenance System

Remote maintenance

NAVTEAM accredited technicians can remotely link to the equipment onboard the vessel to inspect, analyse, resolve or determine what actions are necessary at the vessels next port in order to quickly return the equipment to a full operational status.


RMS illustration

 By using our VDR technology as the data hub for this onboard network, it will be possible to quickly identify onboard equipment faults


Adaptable JRC products for RMS

Radar JMA-5300, JMA-7100, JMA-9100, JMA-900B, JMA-9172-SA
ECDIS JAN-701B, JAN-901B, JAN-2000
(D)GPS JLR-7500, JLR7800
VHF radio equipment JHS-770S, JHS-780D
Weather fax JAX-9B
Echo Sounder JFE-380, JFE-680
VDR/S-VDR JCY-1800, JCY-1850
Speed log JLN-550
MF/HF radio equipment JSS-2150
Navtex NCR-333




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