JRC NAVTEX receiver with large 5.7 inch LCD screen and optional printer



Tri-freq.: 490/518/4209,5 kHz
Display: 5.7 inch LCD
Font style: Selectable

Navtex receiver with 6 inch display

0,5 meter antenna cable

Table top mounting bracket incl. 4 pcs mounting screws

Operation card (English)

User manual


Shipment detailsShipment

Total weight: 3.0 kg
Number of boxes: 1

Dimensions (cm): L33 / W18 / H23


Power supply 10.8V to 31.2V DC, <9W
Receiving frequency 518 kHz, 490 kHz, 4209.5 kHz
Receiving modulation F1B navtex broadcast
Message log Stores last 200 message (every channel)
Saves up to 50 messages (every channel)
stores messages up to 70 hours
External interface 2 serial ports (printer, INS)
Operating temperature -15° to 55°C
Storage temperature -25° to 75°C
Waterproof IPX2

NCR-333 display dim


NCR-333 antenna dim


NCR-333 power supply DC dim


NCR-333 power supply AC dim

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