JCY-1900 VDR

JRC Voyage Data Recorder


JCY-1900 VDR
> 3.000 GT JRC

Fixed capsule: operates 90 days after activation, detecable 1800 to 3600m 

Float free capsule: operates 168 hrs after activation, protected up to 10m depth

Incl. RMS (Remote Maintenance System) facility

NDV-1900 Recording control unit

NCG-1900 Operation panel unit

NDH-338 Fixed capsule

NDH-339 Float free capsule

NQE-7700A Junction box

NVT-181 Microphones (3x)

CYC-825 Playback software

CYC-826 Real time monitoring

spare parts



NVT-181 Microphone

NVT-182 waterproof microphone

NCT-82 Digital signal converter (32)

NCT-83 Digital signal converter (64)

NCT-84 Data acquisition unit

CEF-60 Analog-digital converter

NWP-69 Frame grabber board

Fixed capsule: 48 hrs (32GB)
Float free capsule: 48 hrs (64GB)
Internal storage 720 hrs (SS drive)
Operation panel: 7-inch color touch LCD
Image recording: 3 (max 6)
Microphone audio: 12ch (6 tracks)
VHF audio: 4ch (2 tracks)

JCY1900 capsules

JCY1900 operation panel unit

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