JLN-720 Satellite Log

JRC professional Satellite Log

Accurate ship speed and distance

JLN-720 Satellite Log

Speed accuracy: 1% or 0,1 kn whichever value is greater
Distance accuray:  1% pr 0,1NM in each hour whichever value is greater

Main display

GPS compass sensor


Data cable 10m

Power/data cable 1,2m

LAN connector (10 pcs)

LAN modular cover (10 pcs)

Spare parts

Instruction manual

Highly accurate speed measurement - Color touch display - Triaxial vessel speed calculation - Intuitive operation - Advanced interfacing

Various accessories available - Various remote displays - BAM compliant alert handling - Unified design

 Receive frequency: 1575,42 MHz +/- 1MHz (C/A code)

Speed range: Bov/fore/aft/stern -99,99 to 99,99 Kn

Display unit: Vertical 5" WVGA with touch panel

Interface port: input IEC 61162-1x3, Output IEC 61162-1x8

Power supply: 100V or 230V AC +/- 15%

Power consumption: 110VA max

JLN720 spec display

JLN720 spec sensor

JLN720 spec processor

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JRC JLN-720                 Satellite Log

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