Tokyo Keiki Gyro compass



Keeping the high reliability of the TG-8000, enhancing performance and interfacing. 

Master compass

gyro control unit with gyro heading indicator and alarm panel.

Sensitive Element

Standard spare parts

Installation kit

User manual


  • Suitable for speeds of up to 70 knots
  • Fast follow-up rate (max 75 deg/s)
  • Fast serial data output (IEC61162-2)
  • Interfaces with external heading sensor
  • Minimal system components for dual gyro system for space saving and installation costs
  • Start-up timer function
  • Alert transfer feature for Bridge Alert Management System equipped as standard


Performance specifications:

  • Settling time: Less than 4 hours
  • Settling point error: less than +/- 0,3 degrees
  • RSM value: Less than 0,1 degree
  • Repeatability: Less than +/- 0,2 degrees
  • Accuracy on Scorsby Table: Less than +/- 0,5 degrees
  • Permissible Roll & Pitch angle: +/- 45 degrees


TG 8000 mastercompass spec   TG 8000 controlunit spec



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