TF-900 Fiber Optic gyro compass

Tokyo Keiki Fiber Optic Gyro compass


TF-900 Fiber Optic gyro compass

Cutting edge fiber optic gyro technology

Fiber Optic sensor

Control Unit

Output module 10 x serial / 4 x step / 3 x ROT

Installation kit

User manual



Change-over unit for dual installation

Externally mounted gyro monitor


  • 300°/sec follow-up speed
  • The sensor unit contains NO movable parts, meaning no periodic overhauls
  • Sensor part is smaller, light weight and low power consumption compared with a gyrocompass
  • Expected long-life operation compared with a gyrocompass because of no mechanical rotation part.
  • Settling time within 30 minutes after power on
  • Available as either single or dual system. Option to combine with conventional gyro
  • Complies with the latest international requirements and major classification societies


TF 900 dimensions



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