JRC approved large-scale Electronic Chart System



The new ECDIS model comes standard with a pre-loaded range of official, global ENC's and is ready for all well known chart suppliers. Having direct access to the portfolio of ENCs makes it far easier to obtain the data required for passage planning. Also industry standards such as dynamic licensing, PAYS, AIO are available and during route planning and/or while on voyage, weather, tides and piracy information can be seamlessly downloaded through the various services of the chart suppliers. 

Standard in the box:




19-inch display

Standalone console for 19-inch display

Interconnection cable for display standalone type

control unit consisting of 

  • Processor
  • trackball
  • power supply

Instruction Manual (digital)

Power supply 24 V DC or single-phase 100 to 115V AC or
220 to 240V AC at 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 200V max 
Plotting own vessel position and track
ARPA tracking 100 , near-to-far 32 nm 
AIS tracking 500 - 1000
AIS class Class A + Class B 
Display 19 inches LCD display

mfd all cradleframes 

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