Saab R6 NAV

IMO-compliant navigation system


Saab R6 NAV

A reliable, flexible and high performing system with unique features that is not found in any other system on the market.


• Market leading GNSS/DGNSS performance
• Dual 61162-450 networks interfaces for easy integration and redundancy
• Dual-use CDU can combine functionality with R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system
• 1PPS timing output port
• CDU with waterproof front for exposed panel mount installations
• Up to 4000 waypoints and 128 routes with maximum 128 waypoints per route
• Integrity monitoring by RAIM and Heartbeat

Ease of use
The R6 NAV system is self-monitoring and extremely user friendly. It utilizes a highly versatile CDU (Control and Display Unit) and, with options of sensor configurations and antennas, it represents one of the most flexible systems on the market. The R6 NAV is intuitive and easy to operate and designed to be a tool for daily work. Its CDU features a fast modern graphical user interface with a sunlight-readable 7-inch touch display providing accurate colours at any viewing angle. The display has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels in more than 16M colours. The CDU also features an interface for central bridge equipment dimming.

Multi purpose display
The R6 CDU shares its display with our type approved R6 Supreme AIS/VDES transponder to minimize the number of screens on the bridge and lower the cost for equipment and installation.

Future proof
The R6 NAV system incorporates the new Bridge Alarm Management (BAM) standard as well as dual LAN interfaces (IEC 61162-450) for efficient network integration into bridge systems.

Simple installation
The R6 NAV system can easily be integrated with other onboard systems such as ECDIS, radar or other display solutions using traditional NMEA serial communication or network interface. Dual network interfaces in both the sensor and CDU makes it simple to install on redundant bridge networks.

High performance
The R6 NAV gives outstanding position performance in either GNSS, DGNSS or RTK mode.. It provides access to centimeter level navigation with RTK data from either external input or L-Band satellite, offering unparalleled performance in the familiar R6 NAV format. The R6 NAV system is offered in the following configurations:

• R6 NAV GNSS System
• R6 NAV DGNSS System
• R6 NAV PRO System
• R6 NAV PRO RTK System

SaabR6 Techspec1

SaabR6 Techspec2


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