PR-9000 Autopilot

State-of-the-art autopilot system from Tokyo Keiki, providing effective and safe bridge resource management and energy efficient navigation.

PR-9000 Autopilot

This latest autopilot system from Tokyo Keiki is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience in navigational instruments. Safety, accuracy and reliability of information have been enhanced and thereby significantly improving situational awareness and navigational safety. 

Custommade to vessel

Drawing and manual

Enhanced Information Awareness
Color LCDs are incorporated into each system which enhances reliability of information and improves situational awareness. Features include color-coded steering information and pop-up windows for easy understanding and use.
Enhanced alarm presenation, avoidance operation information function, system condition display, etc.

Enhanced Safety & Reliability 
Two independent systems are arranged and an independent monitoring system is installed that allows it to monitor each system. Equipped with features that help to improve the independence of each system, enhances operation and monitoring from all of the ship's systems and sensors and improves overall safety and reliability.

Energy Efficient Navigation
The newly installed Adaptive Control system automatically implements the most suitable steering. Unnecessary rudder movement due to external influences such as waves is significantly reduced which contributes to energy efficient navigation. When the Route Control function is installed, the course can be controlled using only the autopilot. Track Control System steering is also possible when connected with ECDIS. Maintaning a pre-determined route allows for safer navigation and ultimately contributes to energy efficiency.

Flexible System Configuration
Console mounting type has been added to the line up to respond to any type of bridge layout and design. Remote Control and Override operation connectability has been increased so that up to 8 units can be connected.

PR 9000 spec

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