Cobham Sailor 6281 AIS Basic System

Cobham Sailor 6280 Automatic Identification System - Basic. 


Cobham Sailor 6281 AIS Basic System

Class: A

Included in the system:

  • Sailor 6282 AIS Class A Transponder
  • Sailor 6285 GNSS Antenna - Active
  • Sailor 6283 AIS Connection Box incl. Wall mount
  • Sailor 6004 Control Panel
  • Interface for Pilot Plug
  • Installation Guide


The Cobham Sailor 6281 AIS Basic system, Class A, has innovative "black box" system design and user friendly touch screen operation. In addition to its innovative design and operation, the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System delivers high performance on basic parameters, such as sensitivity, immunity, and blocking, so you can be confident in its ability to deliver and receive all AIS information at all times.

The new touch display for the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System offers intuitive and familiar control. Operating the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System is similar to using your smartphone; simply activate the functions by activating the app on the display. This is a concept  that can truly revolutionize the way to work on the bridge.


Cobham 6280 6281 specs

Cobham 6280 6281 specs2

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