Vector G2B GPS compass

BEACON Satellite Compass with NMEA - Excl. display


Vector G2B GPS compass

Heading accuracy:
Better than 0.5 degree

Vector G2B satellite compas with NMEA output

10 meter cable incl. connectors

Mounting base

User manual

8,0 - 40V DC for operation

Power consumption <4,5W

Gives you precise 2D heading and positioning data

Better than 0,5º Heading accuracy; pich and roll accuracy of better than 1º rms

Fully compatible with onboard Autopilot, Radar, AIS, PC, sonar

Heading position updates up to 20Hz

G2 satellite compass dim



Comnav colour navigator G2 Display for compass
Incl. 25' cable and DU-2 distribution unit

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