JLR-21 GPS compass

JRC GPS satellite compass with Gyro precision

Now approved as back-up compass for Anschütz STD-22! 

JLR-21 GPS compass

Heading accuracy: 0,5º
45 deg./sec.

5.7-inch large FSTN LCD display incl. mounting kit

Unique antenna system with 3 GPS sensors and processor

Connecting cable 30m (single cable with connectors both ends)

Serial data cable 3 meter incl. connectors

2 meter power supply cable with plug

Installation parts

Spare parts

User manual


Shipment detailsShipment

Total weight: 15 kg
Number of boxes: 1

Dimensions (cm): L73 / W68 / H41

3D dynamic sensor system, giving heading information and provides highly accurate info of the ships movement in all axis.

Built-in heaving function, heading, roll & pitch, position output to Autopilot, ARPA, Radar, AIS etc.

High visibility fully dimmable 5.7-inch LCD display with many display modes and backlit keys.

High accuracy position, SOG and COG update (every 200 milliseconds).

New unique functions: Trip Log, Anchor watch, CCRP, Trend graph.

NMEA independent output ports.

High Speed tracking response (ROT 45 deg./sec)

Short settling time (less than 2 minutes at warm start fix)

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)


Unique antenna design

JLR vs conventional

JLR-21 antenna dim


JLR-21 display dim

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