JRC longe range Automatic Identification System



Class: A
Display: Dual color

AIS transponder incl. mounting kit

4.5-inch display/controller

2 meter controller cable

2 meter data cable

Standard spare parts

Instruction manual


Shipment details

ShipmentTotal weight: 10.6 kg
Number of boxes: 2

Box 1 (transponder) weight: 5.4 kg
Box 1 dimensions (cm): L145 / W22 / H25

Box 2 (display) weight: 5.2 kg
Box 2 dimensions (cm): L47 / W33 / H34

Frequency 156.025-162.025 MHz, default channels 161.975 MHz, 162.025 MHz, DSC (receive only): 156.525 MHz
Frequency accuracy Within ±3 × 10-6
Power 19-35V DC (optional power supply 100-220V AC)
Consumption Up to 3.0A (transmitting), up to 1.0A (receiving)
Output power 12.5W/1W
LAN IEC 61162-450: 1 port (for maintenance and ship's network)
Pilot plug IEC61162-2 in/output: 1 port
Transponder connection Single coax cable (up to 50 m) from display to transponder
Display 4.5-inch FSTN LCD (128 by 64 pixels)

JHS-183 display dim


JHS-183 transponder dim

JHS-183 connection box dim


JHS-183 power supply dim

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