JUE-95SA Inmarsat C

Mini C SSAS Transceiver


JUE-95SA Inmarsat C

Two-way data/message communications anywhere in the world


Externally mounted equipment (EME)

Internally mounted equipment (IME)

EME/IME cable 30 meter incl connectors both ends.

Power cable (2 meter)

SSAS button

IME installation parts

EME installation parts

Standard spare parts

Instruction manual


Shipment detailsShipment

Total weight: 12 kg
Number of boxes: 1

Dimensions (cm): L61 / W47 / H33

24V DC for operation

TX 75W, RX 25W





JUE-95SA antenna dim


JUE-95LT pole mounting bracket dim


JUE-95SA terminal dim


JUE-95SA sequrity button dim

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