Service contracts

If you choose to sign a service contract with NAVTEAM you will furthermore get the below mentioned benefits:

24 hours service hotline is a vital point

The service agreement with Navteam A/S is your access to Navteams service departments 24 hours service hotline, which is manned by one of our competent service coordinators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

World Wide service network

When choosing NAVTEAM as your service partner, you will get access to the most extensive service network available in the marine electronics industry today, covering not only JRC equipment, but also any other manufacturers equipment.

Spare parts available at lowest possible rates

NAVTEAM can offer spare parts to the lowest possible rates and direct delivery from own stock for several products from our assortment.

Focus on each equipment on board, by keeping track of service history

All services carried out or handled by Navteam will be registered in the vessels log file in our tailor made Ship Service Database. This tool gives us an overview of the vessel's equipment and its maintenance level, service history, installation date, status and eventual wear parts expected lifetime and battery replacement dates.

NAVTEAM will therefore at any time be able to recommend to your company, when equipment ought to be replaced by new up to date equipment. NAVTEAM service department can active keep track of this and will automatically forward quotation for new equipment when this individual limit is reached.

Dedicated service coordinators

When signing a service contract, NAVTEAM offers your company a dedicated service coordinator with responsibility for all your vessels - or a group of vessels depending on the number of vessels NAVTEAM should service. This helps us, and thereby you to avoid eventual mistakes in communication, keeping your company's special policies in mind.

Periodical maintenance service

Another part of the service agreement is to perform periodical maintenance service to prevent break down service in order to save time and money for your company.

Marine electronics equipment such as Gyros, Radars, and GMDSS will need periodical maintenance for replacement of parts such as gyro spheres, Magnetrons and batteries, and they can easily be performed according to an agreed schedule, and according to the equipment manufacturer's recommendations, and carried out in the most convenient place for the vessel.

Summary of service status and expenses to owners at agreed intervals

Upon completion of the service, a status service report will be send by e-mail to your nautical department and/or to the person in charge for the serviced vessel.

NAVTEAM will also be able to send you an annual status report for each vessel, probably in connection with your company's budget planning, in order to predict next year's coming expenses for each vessel or type of vessels.

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