Research vessel Sanna

In August 2011 NAVTEAM secured the order for a full navigation and communication package for the research vessel Sanna.

Sanna a

The name Sanna origins from the Inuit mythology, as Sanna refers to Sassuma Arnaa (also known as Zedna, Mother of the Ocean). Sanna is the root word of Sassuma and shows Greenland Institute of Natural Resources commitment and obligation to advise the Government of Greenland and other authorities on sustainable exploitation of living resources and safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.

The new research ship was finished in March 2012 and arrived in Nuuk, Greenland on the 3rd. April 2012.

The ship will be used primarily for the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources monitoring programme of the life stock of halibut, cod  and shellfish in Greenland waters and for a broad spectrum of scientific research in the marine environment, as well as sample collection in connection with environmental investigations, along the Greenland and Canadian coasts. The ship will also be a part of research and monitoring activities in connection with exploration for oil and gas and for mining activities close to the coast.

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SANNA is fully equipped and build to withstand the harsh environment in the Arctic waters which made the supply and installation of the Navigation and Communication equipment to something special for our experienced technicians. The vessel is equipped with Dual radio installation to comply with the GMDSS regulations for traffic in sea area A4.

Vessel dimensions

 Length  32 meter
 Beam  10 meter
 Draft  3.5 meter
 Tonnage  458 GRT


Equipment list

The scope of supply for the R/V Sanna was:

 JMA-5300 series  Dual radar system
 Turbowin PRO ECS  Dual semi ECDIS
 JLR-7800  Dual DGPS systems
 JLN-205  Speed log
 JHS-182  AIS
 JLR-31  GPS compass system
 AP-50  Autopilot
 WO2  Windobserver 2 incl. temp, humi, press sensor
 JFC-130HP  High Power Fishery Echo sounder
 JFP-180BB  Searchlight sonar
 JSS-2150  GMDSS dual MF/HF radio station with telex
 JUE-85  GMDSS Inmarsat C
 JHS-770S  GMDSS triple VHF systems
 ACR-2874  GMDSS automatic EPIRB
 ACR-2875  GMDSS manual EPIRB
 SP-3520B  GMDSS Portable VHF
 V-SAT  110 cm V-SAT antenna
 BW-800  Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
 SPT NAVT  NAVTEAM Sound Powered Batteryless Telephone system
   TV and radio system and Intercom


NAVTEAM would like to thank the owner and shipyard in particular for the trust in placing the order with us.


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