Covid-19 alert

12 March 2020 Share Print



Dear customers and partners,

Please be informed that due to serious outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Denmark over the last few days, the government has decided to more or less completely close down the country for the next two weeks. All non-essential work within the public sector will be closed as well as schools, universities, museums, restaurants etc. The private sector will still be in operation, but employees are allowed, if possible, to work from home.

We at Navteam will do our best to keep the wheels running. We have excellent possibilities for our employees to work from home, keeping our employees safe and healthy and able to assist our customers. We intend to continue our high quality service, deliveries on our usual short notice, and our 24/7 service help desk will assure you receive prompt replies and action.

We thank you for your understanding under these difficult times.

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