NavAP Heading control system

New generation autopilot 

NavAP Heading control system

5 or 7 inches modern and state-of-the-art front panel configured as high resolution IPS matrix based display. The widest viewing angles among modern displays that allow seeing the displayed information regardless of the angle of view comfortably in any light, including bright sun light.

The NavAP has built-in Heading Monitor system (HMS) functionality which allows reception and monitoring of data from two heading data courses continously (gyro+gyro, gyro+magnetic compass, etc.). 

The NavAP has fully self-adjusting "Auto-tune" algorighm that secures easy adapting the autopilot performance to the hydrodynamic parameters of any vessel, irrespective of its displacement and dimensions. This makes it possible to use the NavAP onboard any commercial or leisure vessel with a single rudder, linked rudder, independent rudder or stern azimuth Z-drives configuration. 

NavAP Heading Control system is the new generation of autopilots.
A modern and highly advanced digital heading control unit intended to reduce the operator's workload, increase the vessel motion efficiency and improve operational safety.

  • Easily compatible with almost all modern steering systems
  • supports up to two independent tunnel thrusters , and use of autopilot from zero speed
  • designed for vessels with two or more independent rudders
  • easy integration in existing bridge systems
  • Auto-tune for easy and optimal operation 

NavAP spec

NavAP spec2

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