Cobham Sailor 6560 GNSS

The Cobham Sailor 6560 Global Navigation Satellite System 


Cobham Sailor 6560 GNSS

Included in the system:

  • Sailor 6588 DGNSS Receiver
  • Sailor 6285 GPS Antenna - Active
  • Sailor 6004 Control Panel
  • 5m connection cable
  • Power cable and mounting crews
  • User Manual

The SAILOR 6560 GNSS System and SAILOR 6561 GNSS Basic (Global Navigation Satellite System) set new standards in functionality and flexibility for satellite navigation sensors.

Reliability for critical operations 
The SAILOR 6560 GNSS System and SAILOR 6561 GNSS Basic collect satellite data from any available navigation satellites including GPS and GLONASS and distribute it to a variety of on board systems such as ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display System), INS (Integrated Navigation System), GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System), SATCOM (Satellite Communication System), MCS (Master Clock Systems) and PABX (Telephone Exchanges).

The black box brain
The black box SAILOR 6588 GNSS Receiver is the brain behind the system. The receiver has connections for antenna, power, position and speed log output, LAN connections for SAILOR Control Panel and on board LAN. Together with the SAILOR 6285 Active GNSS antenna, The SAILOR 6588 GNSS Receiver acts as the main GNSS position sensor on board SOLAS vessels.

Sailor 6560 6561 specs

Sailor 6560 6561 specs2

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