Navigational Electronic conning station table



 Route planning more powerful than ever - made easy.

Create routes on the same paper chart scale you are used to, but now fully digital on a 46" touch display using your fingertips. Interaction with the large display is just as on your mobile phone, clicking, pinching, dragging and even remarks can be added to the chart by handwriting. Routes can be created with usermaps, but also with a stylus pen or divider. The ultimate form of simple route planning. 

  • Large 46-inch touch screen
  • Handwrite on electronic charts
  • Simple route planning with intuitive user interface
  • Share routes/usermaps including handwriting with ECDIS
  • Weather/meteorological info overlay/routing
  • Efficient briefing voyage and task onboard
  • Share data with ships and offices
  • Live AIS information
  • Conning information accessible (via VDR)


JRC's new platform to support the digitalization process onboard ships. Cloud function and application services opens a new era of navigational information management, providing more efficient and safer operation. 

Planned by touch operatio and supported with meteorological and hydrographical forecasts, there is no better way to plan a route than with a large touch display with cloud functionally.


JAN 470 route


JAN 470 Jmarine2

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