Cobham Sailor 6222 VHF/DSC Class A

VHF DSC Class A Radiotelephone - proven performance and unrivalled solid build quality for all vessel types.

Cobham Sailor 6222 VHF/DSC Class A

Powerful transceiver: Hi/Low 25/1 Watt transmit modes

Included in system

  • Transceiver Unit VHF DSC Class A
  • Sailor 6201 handset with cradle
  • U-bracket
  • Flush Mounting Kit
  • Power cable
  • ACC cable
  • Sailor 6090 Power converter, 24V DC to 12V DC
  • User Manual

Improving everyday communications.

SAILOR 6222 VHF provides flexibility through straightforward installation, either as part of a GMDSS console or on its own. As a result of improved, high performance and innovative, easy-to-use functionality the radio offers important operational enhancements. It introduces several new hardware and software improvements, including the improved SAILOR Replay functionality.

More than GMDSS
SAILOR 6222 VHF complies with DSC spec. 493-13 for VHF DSC Class A, which is part of the mandatory requirements for SOLAS vessels, and many national GMDSS requirements. In addition to its role as part of GMDSS it is one of the most advanced, high quality and powerful VHF radios available today. 

The SAILOR 6222 VHF is the first ever DSC Class A to be rated waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8, making it possible to install on open workboats or outside deck areas. 

It is very well suited to a wide variety of maritime operational communications on board fishing vessels, merchant, offshore ships and workboats. 

Features Include:

  • Unique SAILOR Replay (240 sec.) of incoming communication
  • High quality display – perfect night and day vision
  • Powerful 6W loudspeaker 
  • Intuitive and easy to operate menu structure 
  • Large tactile buttons and wheelknobs for easy operation
  • The popular SAILOR handset
  • ThraneLINK


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