ACR SM-3 Aut Buoy Marker Light

Automatic Buoy Marker Light

Activates automatically when thrown in the water and rights itself to float upright in all conditions.

ACR SM-3 Aut Buoy Marker Light

Mounting bracket - UV resistant polycarbonate bracket - included.

Same mounting hote pattern as previous SM-2 model for easy retrofit. 


Key Features

  • SOLAS / MED / USCG Approved for commercial vessels
  • 360o high intensity LED strobe light visible for 2 miles
  • 24 Hours of operational life at -1oC (30oF) (40 Hrs at 30oC)
  • User replaceable batteries (2 AA L91 lithium required)
  • Automatically activates when deployed and in the upright position
  • Mounting bracket fits into previous SM2 hole pattern for easy retrofit installations
  • UV resistant polycarbonate case
  • Light weight, compact, and rugged


6 x 25 cm

400 g