Forward looking navigation - Obstacle avoidance.


Horisontal field-of-view: 90/60°
Max range: up to 1000 m
Vessel speed: 25 knots

FarSounder-1000F witbFlat transducer module

Transducer module shipping case

Power module 110/220V 50/60Hz

User interface computer

SonaSoftTM FarSounder-1000 software

Software service pack FarSounder-1000 - 1 year subscription

33 m conncetion cable

Cable end cap

Opereation and installlation manuals (CD)

Standard spare parts



Shipment details

ShipmentTotal weight: 85 kg Number of boxes: 4

Box 1 (tranducer module) weight: 54 kg
Box 1 dimensions (cm): L79 / W51 / H38

Box 2 (Power module) weight: 7 kg
Box 2 dimensions (cm): L45 / W60 / H45

Box 3 (cable & accessories) weight: 8 kg
Box 3 dimensions (cm): L56 / W56 / H15

Box 4 (processing server) weight: 16 kg
Box 4 dimensions (cm): L56 / W58 / H30

Image Complete 3D image with a single ping
Chart overlay Chart overlay with C-MPA ENC
Stabilization In-water target multi ping stabilization
Bottom detection Automatic bottom detection
Colors 3D color mapped to depth/signal level
NMEA input Display navigation info via NMEA input

FarSounder-1000F transducer dim



FarSounder power module dim



SonaSoftTM thin client with license


USB dongle for C-MAP chart support option