NWZ-4610 Multi Information Display (MID)

JRC Multi Information Display with full NMEA data share for up to 10 displays.

NWZ-4610 Multi Information Display (MID)

Display: 4.5 inch high brightness
Color: Dual LED backlight
Inputs/outputs: 3

4.5 inch LCD display unit incl. mounting bracket

2 meter data power cable (14 cores)

Standard spare parts

Instruction manual

LCD 4.5-inch monochrome LCD (128 by 64 dots)
Backlight White and orange LED selectable
Dimmer 4 levels
Contrast 13 levels
Keys 12 (backlit) keys
Power 10.8-31.2V DC (optional power supply 100-120V/200-240V AC)
Consumption Less than 2.5W
IP grade  IP55
Power distribution  Up to 3 displays
Sharing  Up to 10 displays (data/dimmer)

NWZ-4610 mid dim

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