JSS-2250 MF/HF

JRC GMDSS MF/HF Radio telephone


JSS-2250 MF/HF

Class: A
Built in
Display: 3.8 inch
Power output: 250W


JSS-2250 witbControl unit incl. 3.8 inch display (excl. mounting bracket)

MF/HF transceiver (designed to fit into a common 19 inch rack)

Power supply (designed to fit into a common 19 inch rack)

Antenna tuner

Handset w/cradle

5 meter controller cable

5 meter cable (antenna tuner to transceiver)

Standard spare parts

Instruction manual

Output power 250W
Display 3.8-inch LED backlit (320 by 240 pixels)
Interface IEC61162-1 (GPS/AME/RMS)
Transmitter output
1.6-4 MHz
DC: 100Wpx
AC: 200Wpx
Transmitter output
4-27.5 MHz
DC: 150Wpx
AC: 250Wpx
Power 21.6-31.2V DC
(optional power supply 90-132V AC, 180-264V AC)
Consumption DC: TX ≤ 40A, RX ≤ 7A
DC: TX ≤ 2.0kVA, RX ≤ 0.5kVA





JSS handset display dim 


JSS-2250 antenna tuner dim


JSS-2250 tranceiver dim


Radio rack