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13 July 2016 Share Print


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Navteam offers full scale services - from total vessel management to service, repairs and installations.

Navteam offers services, installations, troubleshooting and repairs on navigation and communication including GMDSS equipment onboard vessels, representing a large number of brands, and we hold several class approvals for radio surveys on GMDSS equipment and VDR APTs.

We specialize in communication, navigation and safety equipment, including outstanding anti-piracy / citadel solutions, such as MF/HF, VHF, satellite communications (Inmarsat, Iridium, V-Sat), radars, ECDIS, gyros, autopilots, sounders, speedlogs, AIS, LRIT, Navtex, GPS, (S)VDR, etc.

As your service partner, we provide GMDSS and tailored service contracts allowing you to concentrate on your core business. 

Our customers are our one point of focus and we offer total vessel service management with customer specific arrangements and agreements.

We know that a world-wide and well-functioning service network is essential to our customers - when assistance is needed, time is of the essence. 

Our team of dedicated and qualified Service Coordinators is ready to respond and to help you with whatever problem you are facing, no matter where you are, and our flying squad of skilled technicians offer you the fastest and most effective service to avoid any delay in vessel schedule.

Navteam is part of Grupoarbulu, and teaming up with our sister companies (Aage Hempel, SMD, Nautical to mention a few), we are able to offer a unique service network with world-wide service ports and service set-up.

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