Redefining ocean navigation

08 July 2015 Share Print

Say “Hello, Konnichiwa” to the new JRC Multi Function Display


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Following many decades of navigation experience and with a wealth of feedback from vessel owners, navigation officers and training institutions around the world, JRC introduces the latest, all-new Multi Function Display (MFD).

Underneath the beautifully designed units, the MFD is packed with powerful components that give you smooth graphics, fast processing and all-round serious performance.

At the same time, the MFD operating system has been developed by JRC engineers to deliver one of the most intuitive and integrated maritime bridge experiences in the world. The new display offers an incredibly easy-to-use icon based navigation experience with simple menus and dedicated functions. With a few clicks, you can do things like route planning, acquiring targets, switching between the systems or show alarm information.

All-in-all, the MFD is diverse, flexible and relevant to the many different markets and vessel types, it makes navigation dramatically more interactive and intimate than ever before - while keeping no compromise on the quality you expect from JRC.

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