Navteam Professional Communication

11 July 2018 Share Print

 Communication when and where needed



Navteam communication solutions cover a wide range of professional communication and integration solutions within the field of mobile technology. With more than 15 years of experience from the marine industry, Navteam has an indept knowledge of the market. 

We know the market, we know the business, and we design the solution of future communication requirements. 

 Tailormade and scalable solutions

We are proud to deliver the highest quality of communication systems on the market, and our solutions are fully scalable and designed to cover every business size and environment. Each system is unique and tailor-made. During the entire project process, we work closely with our customers in order to secure that both expectations and requirements are met. 

 Integration and installation 

Our solutions support integration and installation at any location, from stand-alone systems or as part of a network connected system. With integrated external alarm handlers, radio trackers and dispatching stations, our solutions are able to cover every need in modern digital communication. 

 Quality products from leading international manufacturers 

We offer a complete range of communication products from leading international manufacturers, ensuring our customers the most value-for-money experience, and with several warranty product schemes, our customers can feel safe and secure. 


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