JRC S-band Solid State radar 8ft antenna

05 February 2019 Share Print

Save weight, reduce power consumption and prolong lifetime


NKE 2632


With JRC Solid State S-Band radar with only 8-feet scanner – you get almost same performance as with the old 12-feet scanner Magnetron Radars, but with the 8-feet scanner you will save a lot of weight in the radar mast.

The new scanner unit weights less than 90 kg against more than 170 kg of the typical 12-feet scanner. The reduced length on the antenna also gives longer lifetime for the antenna motor and bearings.

Another advantage of the Solid State Radar is of cause the reduced output power and general lower power consumption for the Solid State Radar compared to normal Magnetron radar.

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8-feet Solid State Radars can be delivered in following series: JMR-5400 and in MFD models JMR-7200 and JMR-9200