ECDIS - new performance standards

10 July 2017 Share Print

Due to the new IHO standard, many ECDIS systems are or will soon become non-compliant and therefore either an upgrade or a new system is required. Navteam recommends JRC and Transas.. 

New standard in force by late 2015, but transition period ends 31 August 2017!

Late 2014, the International Hydrographic Office (IHO) announced, that the revised performance standard for the graphical presentation of Electronic Navigation (ENC), had been accepted by all its members. The revision was adopted as the new type approval standard to be in force by the end of 2015. The 12-month transition period, which was originally scheduled to end on 31 July 2016, has now been prolonged by IHO to end on 31 August 2017. By this date, the withdrawal or update of all non-compliant ECDIS systems, on existing vessels, should be completed.

The main updated IHO standard included the revised display of chart symbols, categories and alarming and warnings. Also new chart symbols were added. The new IHO standard is S-52 Ed.6.1.0 (from S-52 Ed6.0) and the presentation library (PL) will be Ed.4.0 (from Ed.3.4). The new IEC61174 Ed.4.0 standard naturally complies with the new IHO standard, with the adding of coordinates for the polar routes (latitude of 85° and higher) and changes to manual updating of chart objects to ensure virus protection.

Normally, a system installed on a vessel is accepted based on the certification status on the date of installation during its entire lifetime, but in this particular case it is overruled as it will not comply with the following IMO requirement:

  • MSC.232(82) applicablfor all systems installed after 1st o fJanuary 2009 states: 
    • PROVISION AND UPDATING OF CHART INFORMATION: The chart information to be used in ECDIS should be the latest edition, as corrected by official updates, of that issued by or on the authority of a Government, government-authorized Hydrographic Office or other relevant government institution, and conform to IHO standards.
  • SOLAS V/27 requires that Nautical Charts shall be up to date. This requirement can be fulfilled using ECDIS according to SOLASV/ with up to date charts.

This means that from August 31,2017, there will be only one IHO standartconform to and consequently all ECDIS must be updated tcomply with SOLASV/27 Chart requirement.


Navteam recommends ECDIS models from JRC and Transas

 ECDIS models 

If you have the following ECDIS systems installed, please be aware that these might require an update. 


JRC models 



Available upgrade


Replacement recommendation

JAN-701/901/901M (M-type)


No upgrade available




JAN-701B/901B/2000 (B-type)


Software update available

JMR-9200/7200/JAN-9201/7201 (MFD)


Software update available


Transas models 



Available upgrade


Replacement recommendation
NS 2400 HW&SW upgrade availble
NS 3000 HW&SW upgrade availble

NS 3000i


HW&SW upgrade availble
NS 4000

HW&SW upgrade available /

SW upgrade only

NS 4000 new

System compliant


Navteam will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have in relation to your ECDIS system. Please feel free to contact us. For pricing and solution, kindly contact:

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