2015 Season's Greetings

15 December 2015 Share Print

 - and best Wishes for the New Year



Dear customers, colleagues, suppliers and friends,

Now is the time for Christmas traditions, gatherings and celebrations in the comfort of home and family.

…and what better time to reflect on what has happened this past year and what 2016 hopefully will bring.

2015 was the first entire year for Navteam as a member of Grupoarbulu and we are beginning to settle in.

The many advantages of a worldwide cooperation are showing in forms of multiple synergies within product portfolio, knowledge and manpower. Through our sister companies, we are able to offer service solutions worldwide, and thus support the needs of our customers.

Again, we attended a lot of trade shows and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, promoting new exciting products - especially

  • the JRC Multi Function Display (Radar / ECDIS / Conning)
  • the new JRC VDR 1900 / 1950
  • the new Tokyo Keiki adaptive and fuel saving autopilot PR-9000 and
  • new Motorola MOTOTRBO range of high end UHFs and VHFs.

Also, a new line of EPIRB, SART and portable radio equipment have had our strong attention.

Finally, the highlight of this Fall has been the JRC Distributor Grading system, where Navteam as one of few has been awarded the highest grade – Platinum. This offers a lot of advantages for our customers, and we are very much looking forward to seeing the results of this new system when fully implemented.

The year 2016 will therefore hopefully be another exciting chapter of the Navteam / Grupoarbulu story. 

As always, we are constantly on the lookout for skilled employees to join our fantastic team, and with new products and new opportunities we foresee growth on all business areas.

Commitment, flexibility and attention for our customers is still our motto and our focus will remain on servicing our customers to the very best of our abilities, and we look forward to working with you all and continuing our good cooperation in 2016.

Best regards – and Season’ Greetings
Jens Byrdal, Managing Director