JUE-95LT-RU Inmarsat mini C LRIT

Inmarsat mini C LRIT for Russian flag vessels


JUE-95LT-RU Inmarsat mini C LRIT

Transceiver with BDE
"Build to order" equipment


Externally mounted equipment (EME)

Internally mounted equipment (IME)

EME/IME coaxial cable 30 meter incl. connectors

Junction Box 1 for connection with external source of ship's position information

IME installation parts

EME installation parts

Power cable

Standard spare parts

Instruction manual

24V DC for operation

TX 75W, RX 15W (terminal and antenna)





JUE-95LT antenna dim

JUE-95LT pole mounting bracket dim

JUE-95LT terminal dim


AIS Interface TBA