ACR Satellite 3 automatic

Float free EPIRB

ACR Satellite 3 automatic

Category: 1
Class: 2

EPIRB (RLB-38) 406MHz

Seashelter 3

Hydrofix (mounted inside)


Beacon material High impact UV resistant polymer
Waterproof Tested to 10 min @10 m (33 ft), exceeds RTCM
Buoyant Yes
Battery operational life 48 hours minimum @-20º C (-4º F) (Class 2)
Operating temperatures -20º C to +55º C (-4º F to +131º F) (Class 2)
Storage temperatures -30º C to +70º C (-22º F to +158º F) (Class 2)
Frequency 406.037 MHz
Power output 5 W
Light color White
Flash rate 20-30/ min
Range 360º visibility

Beacon size (without antenna)
Height: 177 mm
Width: 106.7 mm 
Depth: 90.9 mm
Weight: 581 g


MMSI number programming when purchase of new EPIRB