JMA-9133-SA F ARPA Radar

JRC large-scale marine S-band radar
Desktop type including transmitter receiver unit


JMA-9133-SA F ARPA Radar

Scanner length: 12 ft
Output power: 30 kW
Rotation speed: 24 rpm
Display: 23.1 inch TFT LCD
Type: TX/RX Down

JMA-9133F witb23.1 inch TFT LCD high resolution colour daylight display unit display mounting / tilting bracket, for ergonomical correct view angle

Cable w/connector

Full function radar control keyboard incl. track ball

Radar processing unit

12 ft arctic scanner unit, 30 kW S-band

Transmitter receiver unit

40 meter 14 core composite scanner cable

Performance Monitor pre-mounted on scanner unit

Built-in ARPA unit (100 targets)

Built-in AIS interface unit

Built-in Gyro-interface

Standard spare parts

User manual


Shipment details

ShipmentContact NAVTEAM


Output power 30 kW
Scanner length 12 ft
Rotation speed 24 rpm
Power AC 110V (AC 100 to 115V) and/or
AC 230V (AC 220 to 240V), 50/60Hz, 1Ø
Consumption avg 400VA / max 2000VA
Range scale (NM) 0.125 /0.25 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 / 48 / 72 / 96
Display 23.1 inch LCD display
ARPA tracking numbers 100
AIS target numbers 300 (sleeping + activated), 100 (activated)

JMA-9100 scanner 3 unit 13ft dim


Download a detailed scanner footprint right here


JMA-9100 processor unit dim

JMA-9100 monitor dim


JMA-9100 control panel dim

JMA-9100 transceiver S-band dim