JFC-130HP Fish finder

JRC Black Box Colour Fish Finder


JFC-130HP Fish finder

3kW Dual frequency
Excl. display

Processor unit 3 kWJFC-130 witb

Keyboard incl. 5 meter cable with plug

3 meter processor power cable with plug

Standard spare parts

User manual


For transducer solution please contact NAVTEAM



Shipment detailsShipment

Total weight: 12 kg 
Number of boxes: 1

Dimensions (cm): L64 / W50 / H33

Color gradations 16 gradations (display colors: 4, background colors: 4) All gradations are randomly variable
Shift 1~1500m, 1m steps (m, fathoms, special units) Set by up/down keys
Frequency 200, 75, 50, 28 kHz
Transmission output 1 kW, 3 kW (HP)
FM transmission 200 kHz
Power supply 12/24/32VDC (10.8-42VDC)

JFC-130 dim