i3 Satellite TV

2-axis marine satellite TV system

i3 Satellite TV

Dome diameter: 43 cm
Elevation range: 10º to 80º

Marine satellite TV antenna

Antenna control Unit (ACU)

15 meter antenna cable with connectors both ends

15 meter LNB Cable

Installation parts

User manual

Compatible with the Digital Video bradcasting (DVB) satellites.

Built-in HD module for ku-band (10.7-12.75GHz).

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology dynamically shapes the antenna beam to utilize stabilization.

Built-in Wide Range Search(WRS) algorithm which minimizes search time at the initial state.

Built-in GPS which automatically uploads GPS data to the system.

Easy and fast installation, just 1 cable from the antenna to the control unit.


Planning the installation - Elevation limit of obstacles

i3 i4 limit

i3 antenna dim


i3 acu dim