SAILOR Iridium Telephone system

The ideal satellite communication solution

SAILOR Iridium Telephone system

Data capability: 2.4 kbps
(can be turned up by accessing Iridiums 10 kbps compressed data service)

Iridium Transceiver incl. 1,5 meter power cable & connectors

Iridium fixed mount control handset with cradle, incl. 3 meter cable

Sailor fixed mount antenna for N-Connector

User manual


Please contact NAVTEAM for subscription and information on Airtime pricings

True global coverage with 66 cross-linked low orbiting satellites.

Designed specifically for the harsh maritime environment being able to withstand even the toughest conditions at sea.

Well suited for all types of vessels cruising the high sea.

Data capability is 2.4 kbps and can be turned up to 10 kbps by accessing Iridium's 10 kbps compressed data service.







SIM card incl. PIN & PUK codes for Iridium telephone


Activation Fee for SIM Card


Iridium GoChat Virtual Crew Calling Cards, Each. Please note that ordered quantity MUST be divisable by 100 pcs.

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