Iridium Pilot 20

Satellite communication set including 20 meter cable

Iridium Pilot 20

Data speed: up to 128 kbps
Coverage: global pole-to-pole
Independent voice lines: 3

Antenna (omnidirectional low profile radome antenna - no moving parts)

Below deck unit containing 3 standard RJ11 ports and 1 Ethernet data port connection

AC power supply unit incl. 2 meter power cable

Cable kit (20 meters shielded cable with connectors both ends)

1 captain phone with handset incl. 2 meter RJ-11 phone cable with connectors 

1 crew phone with handset incl. 2 meter RJ-11 phone cable with connectors

Antenna mounting mast bracket (mini mast platform)

5 pcs. M10 bolts with washers for antenna mounting

Installation manual

User manual


Please contact NAVTEAM for subscription and information about Airtime pricing

Below deck unit power 12 or 24 VDC (11-36V DC)
Consumption 18-31 W
Power supply input 110-240V AC
Power supply output 24V DC

Height: 230 mm
Diameter: 570 mm
Weight: 11 kg

Below decks unit
Height: 200 mm
Width: 250 mm
Diameter: 55 mm
Weight: 1.35 kg


Iridium GoChat Virtual Crew Calling Cards, 45 minutes each. Please note that ordered quantity MUST be divisable by 100 pcs.


SIM card incl. PIN & PUK codes for Iridium telephone

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