C-MAP Professional+

Dynamic worldwide vector chart database


C-MAP Professional+

- DNV type approved
- SENC format, CM-93/3
- Delivered on one DVD

C-MAP Professional+ is an innovative and dynamic worldwide vector chart database mostly derived from paper charts.

The coverage is continuously being expanded and new kinds of supplementary data are frequently added the product.


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Zone map

Chart coverage available can be worldwide or any combination of zones and areas.
For more detailed information regarding chart division, please refer to:


Chart coverage

Zone 1 - Northern Europe
Zone 2 - Mediterranean Sea
Zone 3 - Coast of Western and Southern Africa
Zone 4 - Arctic coast of Europe and Asia, Sea of Okhotsk and Kamchatka
Zone 5 - Western Indian Ocean, Suez Channel, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and The Gulf
Zone 6 - Coast of China, Korea and Japan
Zone 7 - Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania
Zone 8 - Coast of North and Central America, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea
Zone 9 - South American coast 

Special Areas in a Zone

Example of special areas i Zone 1 Northern Europe.

C-MAP special areas

Cells in a Zone

Example of cells in Zone 1 Northern Europe.

C-MAP cells

No dimensions available 



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