Find the best suitable radar for your vessel

11 January 2013 Share Print

We offer a wide range of JRC radars, which gives you flexibility on the bridge. To help you find the best suitable radar we have created a radar compare matrix.

Click here to open the radar compare matrix.


At NAVTEAM we have a large stock of complete radar systems and radar accessories in our warehouse – ready for delivery. We have selected the most reliable radar systems with the leading technology and exclusive features such as few milliseconds Constaview™ and target enhancement TEF™. 

Non IMO radars

Marine radars for NON IMO vessels incorporating the latest digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design. The small radars are an excellent match for work boats or fishing boats. The JMA-3300 series is also a popular choice as backup radar or anti pirate radar.

Black box radars

High performance black box colour radar systems approved for vessels below 10.000 GT.

ARPA radars

High resolution large-scale ARPA radar systems approved for vessels above
10.000 GT.

Solid state radars

The solid state radar represents a new generation of marine radars, utilizing advanced signal processing technology to display targets with high accuracy while using a stabilized high-power solid state transceiver.

The transceiver technology requires no tuning and pre-heating. Transmission is available immediately after the power is turned on. No magnetron means low maintenance costs and no risk of radiation.

Chart radars

Chart radars with built-in ECDIS.

Radar campaign 

Please contact our sales department on tel. +45 63 21 80 80 or email: and we will offer the best radar solution for your vessel.