Broadband at sea

02 November 2012 Share Print

Broadband solutions at sea is steadily increasing and rapidly becoming an essential tool for efficient ship operation.

Access to broadband brings vessel operators unlimited access to applications that improve performance, reduce costs and maintain crew welfare.


Remote management services – such as engine data exchange, electronic navigation and remote IT management – enable vessel operators to run their operations more effectively.

Email, Web browsing and phone service maintain management communications and allow crew to stay in touch with friends and family.

NAVTEAM provides several maritime communications services such as Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT. We supply voice and data solutions anywhere there is water and with seamless global coverage. Our solutions provide access to valuable information, safety and crew welfare.

Inmarsat (GMDSS)

Inmarsat terminals provide satellite communications services for the professional marine business. Inmarsat terminals offer superior voice and data services anywhere on the planet except polar regions. The terminals support both the original Inmarsat GMDSS marine safety services and new services including Fleet broadband.

NAVTEAM supply a full range of Inmarsat marine terminals from leading manufacturers including:

- Inmarsat C
- Inmarsat C SSAS
- Inmarsat C VMS
- Inmarsat C LRIT
- Fleet Broadband


The unique Iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provides inherent advantages over GEO satellite constellations, delivering robust communications performance. Only Iridium's global service allows maritime users to send and receive voice, messaging and data regardless of location. Iridium broadband service is not affected by extreme weather and vessels with mission-critical communications requirements rely on it to back up other platforms.

NAVTEAM supply the full range of Iridium products including:

- Iridium Pilot
- Iridium SAILOR SC4000 
- Iridium 9555 portable
- Iridium 9575 portable (Extreme)

Big savings on the new Iridium Pilot terminal and exclusive airtime deals

This month NAVTEAM offers an exclusive airtime deal including the new Iridium Pilot terminal. The Iridium Pilot terminal is built to perform in the toughest conditions. Blazing sun, frigid cold, high winds —Iridium Pilot can handle any weather conditions, anywhere. Powered by the high-speed, high-value Iridium OpenPort broadband service, Iridium Pilot delivers exceptional performance, durability and value at sea, anywhere in the world.

Please contact NAVTEAM sales department for more information.


Ku Band ocean coverage and new hybrid VSAT/L Band makes VSAT broadband a competitive solution for vessels that demand high capacity broadband at a fixed price.

NAVTEAM supply the full range of VSAT systems and broadband packages including installation and worldwide support and service.


Contact for more information about our broadband solutions.